When starting a long journey most people have a destination in mind. At Process, we work to understand why your destination is important to you, then use our expertise to get you there.

Our Team

Jason Karam

Jason Karam, Founder

Jason has over a decade of experience and has worked on a variety of project types along the west coast. Working on various project types in his career has allowed him to remain flexible in his approach to any project. He strives to understand his clients’ most important metrics and work with them to make them tangible.

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Nick Turrell

Nick’s solution-seeking, listening and information-distillation skills have contributed to several successful projects. Nick is exceptionally mindful at balancing expectations from all project stakeholders and navigating the many complexities that are presented throughout a project.

Al Nahum

Al Nahum

Al’s attention to detail, curiosity and follow-through are felt in everything that she does. A considerate designer and critical thinker, Al brings thoughtful solutions to every project she touches.