Our Services

Programming Service
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When our clients know that they want to build but aren’t exactly sure what to build, we assist in developing a robust program that will best fit their site. Through conversation, research, and decision-making, our team establishes performance requirements and objectives that will begin to shape the project. Undoubtedly the most important phase, Programming will unify all project stakeholders and be a guiding post as decisions are made throughout the duration of the project.

Feasibility Service
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Once a program is established, our team works to ensure the project’s goals are achievable. By researching zoning and building code requirements, design objectives, building costs, and schedules, our team provides an evaluation and presents the best recommendations to our clients ensuring the most impactful return.

Planning Service
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In order for multi-phase projects to be successful, they require foresight and thoughtful execution. Essentially a “future feasibility phase” we plan out how future phases will fit the context of the current project and fabric of the community. This is achieved by overlaying current and proposed programmatic requirements, engaging early with local jurisdictions, anticipating cost escalations and producing a schedule for clients to share with stakeholders.

Design Documentation Service
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Building on the framework of previous phases, our team expertly provides unique design solutions. We separate ourselves by being an exceptional design partner through unparalleled communication, transparency and engagement. These characteristics allow our team to bring our clients the best value because our goal is visualize our clients expectations, not our own.

Our team uses our broad experience in project types to our advantage by approaching the design of each project uniquely. Relationships and experiences that were made when designing a school can and should be applied to designing a mixed-use apartment building.

Our Design + Documentation solutions can scale to fit the context of your project and may include:

Permit + Bidding Documentation
Consultant Coordination
Material Selection
Cost Estimation
Interior Design

Construction Administration Service


When the Architect takes a back seat and the General Contractor takes the lead, we can continue to provide project support by providing our design principles to the construction process. Many unforeseen situations can arise during construction including material delays, clarifications, cost overruns, and owner-directed changes. Our team can continue to provide services including:

Site Observation + Reporting
Submittal Review
Value Engineering
Invoice Review
Respond to Request for Information (RFI)s
As-built Documentation

Equity Partner Service
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We understand the development process and are proud to provide unique partnership opportunities with our clients. The financial success of your project is important to us and we’re willing to prove it. Where appropriate, we can provide our services as equity into a project which can ease the need for cash early in the development process.