City of North Plains | Public Works Facility

With the recent expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary, the city of North Plains is one of the fastest growing communities in Washington County and is estimated to grow in population by nearly double over the next decade. In preparation for this growth, the city is looking to upgrade its public works facilities which will accommodate the anticipated services required.

Our team worked closely with the city manager and public works department to understand how to design a facility that meets both their current and projected needs. Expansion, sustainability, and flexibility were identified as the utmost priority. These early conversations led to an increase in square footage as well as the desire for a Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) building.

Our design concept was formed by North Plain’s agrarian history and brings a modern aesthetic to the simple massing of the rural structures that helped shape the city. The building was designed to carve into the existing berm that wraps the perimeter of the site with an inviting entrance visible from the road. A two-story office will accommodate both the planning and public works departments which will have direct access to the 4 large vehicle bays, shop spaces, and exterior yard. This facility was also designed as an Emergency Operation Center (EOC), which will ensure that operations remain intact during an incident.


North Plains, Oregon



Square Footage:

11,500 SF