Newberg Public School | SAIL Building

Newberg Public Schools looked to provide an addition and renovation to an existing single-family residence to house a new facility for their Support Advocacy for Independence in Life (SAIL) program. This would relocate the program from a traditional classroom environment at Newberg High School to a more specialized learning environment, tailored towards providing vocational training, independence living skills, social skills, sensory experiences, healthy living and community involvement.

Our team was tasked with utilizing as much of the existing home as possible, while adding an additional 1,700 SF for new program space. With only a 7’ ceiling in the existing home, we situated restrooms, lockers, offices, laundry and storage rooms in this space. This allowed us to allocate the classroom and teaching kitchen to the new addition while providing a vaulted space with plenty of natural light for the students. This layout also allowed for sight lines to be maintained no matter where the teachers are located within or outside the building. Opening in 2023, this new facility will offer students the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to thrive after high school.


Newberg, Oregon


Jason Karam