Process: präˌses,ˈprōˌses
“A series or action of steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.”


Listen to your vision


With a clear understanding of your vision, priorities and budget in place, we translate your vision into an achievable concept using creative and efficient design.

We collaborate closely with industry consultants and encourage input from project stakeholders throughout the design process to produce the best possible results.

Art, nature, and the built environment inspire our designs while emerging industry research and end-user surveys inform them. We are not driven by trends. We are driven by our values and our commitment to our clients. We are stewards of your vision, and we take that very seriously.



Translate your vision into an achievable concept


We begin by listening first. We ask a lot of questions, interview stakeholders, establish priorities, and undergo the due diligence to understand the budget, program, and schedule. We never jump into a project before we are confident that we know what you you need, want, and deserve.

Great communication is the foundation of our process. By the end of step 1 / Pre-Design, we will set a clear and achievable vision and be ready to into motion the next steps of the process to get there.



Document and build your project roadmap


Once our vision has been translated through design, we document and build your project roadmap.

We compile everything required into a clear and concise format that jurisdictions can easily understand and approve. This “instruction manual” communicates to contractors, subs, and consultants exactly what they need to do in order to stay in line with your vision, priorities, and budget.

Excellent documentation maintains design intent and builds strong relationships with industry partners and consultants who keep projects moving forward.



Navigate the jurisdictional waters


Most of the time, this is where timelines can go off the rails. In order to keep the schedule, budget, and priorities moving forward, we begin thinking about approvals from the very inception of the process. Our job is to navigate the murky waters of codes and jurisdictions to keep your project moving.

Luckily, we are experts in code requirements and employ a combination of persistence and tenacity required to move approvals through jurisdictions on time and stay on budget.



Communicate and collaborate onsite


When it comes time to build, we maintain an onsite presence throughout construction. We prioritize consistent and reliable communication with the contractor and owner and are always ready to pivot and step in as needed to solve problems and maintain the pace of construction. Clear communication, an organized project schedule, and excellent working relationships are what deliver milestones at this stage.

Our job is to ensure that execution is in lock-step with our carefully planned out documentation. Our accountability is our promise.



Deliver the keys to your vision


Here we are, we made it! Now It’s time to hand over the keys. We consider it a privilege to help clients realize their vision. Where one process ends, another begins.

Let’s celebrate!